Welcome to Beldex API. For the latest updates, kindly check this document from time to time Beldex provides you with state of the art APIs for you to integrate into your web and mobile applications. These APIs are classified under the following three categories: Market, Asset, and Trade

You have to authenticate your account and trading APIs with an API key in order to:

  • place and cancel orders
  • Check the status of your order and account information

The market data API can be accessed by anyone and provides market data such as:

  • A trading pair’s price action history

You can create API keys using a passphrase of your choice, after registering an account with Beldex. Ensure that you write down your API key on paper and do not lose access to it.

Getting Access

You can access the API by creating an API key via this link. To set up the API, follow the instructions at each step.

Endpoints Configurations

Beldex offers two types of AIPs: REST and WebSocket(currently under development). Both support market data, trading, and withdrawals.


Representational State Transfer or REST is a popular software architecture that is used for providing web services. It is user-friendly. REST is also standard and scalable. It has the following advantages:

  • Each URL represents a type of resource in the REST architecture.
  • The client and server communicate the representational state of this URL resource back and forth.
  • In Representational State Transfer (REST), the client sends out four HTTP requests to the server. We firmly recommend that you use the REST APIs while making withdrawals and executing trades.
WebSocket API

WebSocket is a newer protocol based on HTML5. WebSocket enabled a two-way data transmission between the client and the server, that is, a full-duplex transmission. A link between the client and the server is established with one simple handshake and the server can provide information/instructions to the client according to the preset rules. WebSocket has the following advantages:

  • Data transmission can be initiated by either the client or the server;
  • Expending significant network and server resources is curtailed since it is not required to repeatedly create and delete connections. We firmly recommend that you use WebSocket API to access live market data.

Please feel free to join our API community on Telegram (, where we will help answer your questions and you can share your experiences with other users in the community.

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